DLC for International BO Fans - BLES/BLUS - For Trearch/Activision

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

DLC for International BO Fans - BLES/BLUS - For Tr...

I hope there will be Thousands who would have paid for the DLC content and unable to Play the DLC Maps in the previous Call of Duty Games. I am one of those. And its because of the BLUS and BLES issue. Its a huge disappointment for Fans around the world rather than the Money was Gone for nothing.

Just for This reason, I Pre Ordered and imported Hardened edition so that atleast I can access Nuke 2025 and 1960.

Is it possible for International Gamers or BO fans to get the Season Pass or DLC work ? I dont wanna Miss any Zombies Map particularly.

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