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Yeah because they said it was based off Courtyard.

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LOL, makes sense.  I just took an aerial view of it.  It's the same down to the middle diamond with the four small ones surrounding it.  Still like it. 

I'm starting to really like Pod. 

Don't like Takeoff so far, I'm getting shot too much from above by the campers.  I'll need a bit more time to learn the map.

Frost was my fav out of the four.  I can see some worms have figured out how to camp it on each side, but the map makes it easy to flank them.  Nice map. 

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I think it's the worst map in the game.

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Personally, my favorite map from this set of DLC!


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i wouldn't say the best but I would pick it over some of the other maps in the game.

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