How can Call of Duty be more mature

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Best I avoid talking fashion, I'll only embarrass myself.

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Haha i bet you still have your Sonny Crocket white suit at the back of the closet...

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The very first "gaming system" was, Odessey by Magnavox.

Basically, It was Pong, with semi-transparent overlays that stuck to the static cling of your console TV's glass face.  An actual map wouuld have been WAAYYY too much memory.  Games were table tennis, regular tennis and a handful of others that combined a square ball and rectangular paddles.  The paddles moved from top to bottom on the screen, but only the ball moved left to right.

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I was 41 in '88 

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hardware ban squeakers

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I know I have a lot of work to do to learn when to keep my mouth shut and not make an a$$ of myself.  For the most part I just mute the other team so I can't hear them when they make any rude comments. 

Maybe we all need to be a bit more respectful when talking to other people in this forum and not telling them they are not good at this game if they compain a little bit.  Or when they have a really good idea to help all gamers in the COD community we should not be so quick to judge.

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Exactly. People complain about in-game maturity yet they come on these forums and become so hypocritical by being rude and immature to other forum posters. All in all we ALL need to be a little more understanding of each other.

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Call of Duty took aim at the younger crowd so therefore, it's irreversible. CoD is slowly killing themselves and with BF4 running on 60 fps and 64 man lobbies, I wouldn't be surprised if BF takes over the crown.

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ghamorra wrote:

In what ways has Call of Duty attracted this demographic and in what ways can Call of Duty change itself to make the game more mature.

I know Fox says other wise in regards to marketing and what not, but this game has many more children playing than it should. Unintentional or not, I hear total younglings playing an otherwise mature 18+ rated game.

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Yeah, I am waiting for school to restart so I can resume playing. I have been playing other games since school ended.

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