I finally figured it out

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

i hate it when people use target finder on an lmg with suppresor, to camp in a corner with a deployed riot sheild , making them virtually unstoppable.  esspecially if they use blast sheild and a trophy system. target finder ruin bo2 for me as its too hard to run around with a sniper without getting killed 5 seconds after u spawn. 

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Was in the store the other day and ...

Asking about the PS4 .. Blah blah ..

Call of Duty blah blah ..

And then started talking  about Douche Scoping .. The sales dude told me to get a modded controller if I wanted to Douche Scope .. He said he uses one both his system's for a couple of year's now .. He told me while some people are about to DS (Douche Scope) once, maybe twice, if a person DS's 3 or more times in a very short period of time, he's using a modded controller .. He told me people aren't physically capable of doing it more than 2 within one second .. And if you see someone pop off 3 or more dudes in 2 seconds, he's using a modded controller ..

He told he doubted that anyone has ever been banned for using a modded controller (unless they where dumb enough to admit to it) since it can't be detected .. and like he said, he's been using with the COD series .. He told me he was worried when they took off DS for awhile but was happy when Activision caved like a house of cards and put it back in ..

I smile and silently resisted the urge to pound his face into the floor as I left ..

I don't know if this is true, but if it is .. The Activision is full of it ..

They leave an exploit in the game on purpose specifically so people can cheat ?? Really ??

Wow ..

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