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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I know some people won't care much but I just realized why Treyarch added some of the attachments to the game that they did.  First we will start with the target finder, which before this game was known as the infamous aim-bot.  As most have seen in the past COD's aim-bots were used very often on PC and consoles after the games were past their peaks, but it would basically color everyone on the map with a big red diamond and the gun would lock onto player after player after player.  Select fire was added as a counter in hopes to eliminate modded controllers (turbo controllers as some call them).  Basically the controller would turn any semi-auto into a full auto even occasionally faster than most full auto guns.  And last but not least is the millimeter scanner, which was known as a wall hack in previous games.  This previous known hack would allow players to see through walls as to the exact location of where an enemy was standing or moving.  Treyarch has implented this attachment to allow players to scan walls and see enemies that are sitting still, for example wall bangers and corner campers.  Now I believe they added these attachments to counter the hacks that were once a major issue (still an issue if you prefer old COD's over new COD's).  I wonder if anyone else has thought about this as an effective way to counter these hacks.

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Curious, the TF from my perspective is just a easy to use aim assist for the "lazy" player ( I don't mean they are actually lazy, but lazy with their aiming).

But you bring a good point, the TF could possibly be used to counter "cheaters"

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Whether it was intentional or not it was effective.  I don't recall seeing the complaints about those particular hacks as much in BO2 as it was in other titles.

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Exactly it would for the most part eliminate the major hacks that caused problem on other COD's. 

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Makes sense.  If you can't code properly and deny the hacks, code them into the game and let everyone have access to them =)

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So if you can't beat em', join em' a little? Interesting concept and it does make sense.

Reminds me a bit of Netflix trying to base what they provide on what is pirated the most.

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I don't think these are counters to hacks simply because all the scopes can be countered with cold blooded

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The problem I see with your response is that they can't just simply add an attachment or killstreak/scorestreak and not have something to counter it.  That would obviously make it extremely OP and everyone would use nothing but TF and MMS.

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Target Finder is not actually an Aimbot, it's more of a cham .. Tells you where an enemy is .. Aim Assist is closer to the Aimbot and only works if the enemy crosses your crosshairs (behind a wall or not) .. 

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Aimbots highlight people on the map when you ADS.  So in technical terms it is a downgraded version of an Aimbot imho.

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