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I was wondering if I could ''quit'' league play and my League rank comes off my playercard? League isn't just that fun for me and I BARELY play it so why not take it off? Please reply

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I do not believe there is a way to remove the League best rank, since it would be an all time best rank. Though if you do not play in any other seasons from here on out ,there should be no rank displayed for that season.



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I think that it may actually disappear if he quits playing.  I know I played early on with a gold ranking.  Then I didn't play for quite some time and it disappeared for me.  But I don't know if it always does that or if it disappeared because they changed the ranking system after I had quit playing.

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I have been leaving questions for the last 3 days i haven't got a response but i see reply's to other questions that people leave...Am i doing something wrong?

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