Impressions of the new map pack??

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Re: Impressions of the new map pack??

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Dear treyarch when you made this "origins" zombie map, WTF were you thinking, its impossible to make it past round 20 and if you say you did your lying or you used glitches. i can make it to round 68 solo on buried but cant get past round 16 with 4 people and 11 solo. you guys are stupid for making the zombies on round 1 of origins like zombies on round 15 of buried. who ever thought of the whole generators thing is dumb and the little and big robots in the map are retarded. and why is it that a pack-a-punched ray gun takes 8 shots on round 12 to kill one zombie but a regular ray gun takes 2 shots to kill them. yea that makes sense. thanks for thinking about the people like you always do treyarch, NOT, maybe your game would be more successful if you did what infinity ward does and thinks about the fans and don't try so hard cause it makes the game and the people that created it look stupid, but on the 4 multiplayer maps i would like to say good job, you actually did something right for once.

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