Looking for friends who DON'T

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I am looking for friends to play with who DON'T Hard Scope, Camp or use Target Finder. Are there any of you out there? keepurgod

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Hey there, fellow quickscoper. I think we should team up together and and stomp on those hardscoping, target finder using, camping noobs. Are you twelve or older? I don't add adults.

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I am confused by this post entirely.  The purpose of an optic on a firearm is to be used.  This 'hard-scope' comment I keep hearing is ridiculous and is about as accurate as an orange and green zebra.  Do you think in real combat you do not use your optic on your firearm or even at the firing range?

Target Finder I can understand the hate for to an extent but also understand that there is a challenge to complete for it in the Prestige Challenges so when someone is using know that they MAY be using it to complete that challenge.  Not typically, but at least in my case in the past 5 or 6 games that is why I was using it.

And as far as camping goes, guess what that again is the most retarded terminology to use for someone playing the game.  Do you think in real combat everyone runs into the middle of the field just to get shot?

Just keep Quick Scoping, which is an exploit of the auto aim system and was never meant to be the proper use of any of the weapons regardless and should have been patched a long time ago.  It just gives plenty of us additional targets.

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Most of the cheeseballs that i see leaning on the Targetfinder also have golden guns, so IMO there's not too many players still playing the game this late into the title that have'nt already finished those challenges. A lot of good players have just flat figured out that equiping the TF majorly cuts down on the time to kill regardless of the fact that it also aquires targets that some of them might not be able to aquire on skill alone. I've never even equipped the TF because of the cheese factor but I understand that a lot of peope have spoiled themselves into not being able to play without it and that doesn't really bother me.  

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Oh I agree with you theroc23, I am just thankful that I completed the challenge so that I can stop hearing people complain about me using the TF and I can go back to using the Reflex optic anyway.

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