Looking for players.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hi, im looking for a few players to play with, from the UK. i would like to play with people who enjoy winning and who i can have fun with. if anybody would like to play, i have a 1.54 kd and i am 7th prestige in 4 days playtime, i made a new account so this is why playtime is low. my PSN is: XxTWISTEDSCOPExX. i look forward to playing with you guys!

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I am knackered now. I had to fight through the crowd to get this reply to be the first one.

Somewhere, there is a signature so funny that reading it will cause an aneurism. This is not that signature.
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HAHAHAHAHA omfg that actually made me laugh! quality!

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i live in trinidad my folks are from uk my psn is KMB_GoG_Antonio my k/d is 1.18 im prestige 6 lvl 32 and yes i do enjoy winning i cant carry the team if they suck though so dont expect a one man army from me.

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add me kekthedestroyer my k.d is 2.42 i havnt played for a week or so due to lag but im willing to give it another bash haha

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