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bewleyberry wrote:

No problem.It makes me angry why people except second best when it comes to this issue.

Maybe its lack of knowledge or they think its the norm but i am close to despair at this stage.

As am I my kind Sir, as am I. I have CoD4=lower playerbase, W@W=low playerbase, MW2=low player base, Black Ops=mid-range playerbase/adequate numbers, <---MW3= the same, which is ridiculous!

The last 2 run NO where near as good as the first three when they were at their point in "life" at this time. It is unacceptable that they continue to not improve what MW2 had "nailed" down.

I fear that Black Ops 2 will build on the MW3 engine. Also, not improve on the netcode and matchmaking system.

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Can't see anything changing tbh honest m8.The fact they won't acknowledge it fully tells us all we need to know.Expect more of the same and all the puppets to cry wolf on release day /:

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esmorgue wrote:

ghamorra wrote:

Why they would cut out on the quality of game play is beyond me. I don't care about all the bells and whistles if the damn thing won't play right. Also it's a well known issues since Black Ops. You can't tell me that nobody has heard the compaints that dominate the boards, news feeds, and walls of every Call of Duty social place that's out there

Because only children and nO_oBs who have no clue how well CoD played from CoD4 until Black Ops was released. When CoD4, W@W, MW2 were in their primes, the connection to one another was not perfect but no where near what the crap they induced in Black Ops and MW3. MW2 by far IMO had the best connectivity/synchronization/timing/ whatever you want to call it. By far! They made serious progression in that needed when you gain more people playing online. You meet the demand.

I agree wholeheartedly with the intent of this thread. The focus for this game needs to go back to the core of the game: matchmaking and sync issues fixed first, and then add all the other bling in later.

I play a lot of HC, so Im used to crappy matchmaking, and understand with ~8000 people playing it might not be the best. But when there is a clan op going on in MW3 and a HC game mode has 25K people playing it and the matchmaking still puts me (a SE coast US player) in UK/Canadian lobbies, we have a problem.

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Agreed, WaW had so many great mechanics like this. Bring them back, it really isn't that hard.

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The fact that somehow with me living in middle America and playing against UK/Asian players shows that the Matchmaking System needs to be adjusted to a more localized search. When there are kindred in a game mode reaching over 10,000+ I shouldn't have to play with people that live across a ocean.

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I completely disagree. I ENJOY talking and meeting players and playing against players that are in other countries, or states. I think there COULD be a local option for people who want to play with only those within their states if they really wanted to. I don't find it of much importance but If There's more people like you who find it important they might as well add it. I probably wont use it though cause I like meeting people all across the US, etc. People play differently etc. My big issue is the way their system chooses games. They need to revamp it for people who purchase the DLC packages because once you purchase it something changes in the way you are selected for games and It is sometimes hard to find a match or you are put in the same match you just left. That needs some adjusting!

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Yes matchmaking can be influenced by DLC. YET yet you have to think... if the games is running horrible for people...Why would they want to buy DLC when they can't even enjoy the game without it. DLC is a double edge sword when it comes to matchmaking.

A close to home matchmaking system doesn't necessarily cut out playing people in Penn if you live in IN. It just means that you will be given a better chance at a better synchronization of events and actions. All I want is a good quality experience. The performance of these games have gotten worse with Black Ops.

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I agree, forget all the frilly bits. I'm genuinely happy with most things that MW3 has brought me. But I am still contemplating not getting Blops 2 simply because the online experience of MW3 has been so flaky/inconsistent.

It's not always bad. The other day I got a MOAB and a new high kill streak of 30. But the whole match I knew I was on the good side of lag for once and not hosting or generally getting handicapped because of my fibre optic broadband. But that is like one in 200 matches. The other 199 wil generally be rage inducing bollocks.

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I'm curious, how did you do the next match. It seems like everytime I go into a match and do well the very next game I'm battling to stay positive

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Re: Matchmaking System.

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We need matchmaking filters:

- Map selection

- Level players (based on  stats: noob - normal - veteran),

- Only local host 

- Vote kick option

- Not to join a game already in-play

- Game mode,

- Only snipers

- Only handguns

- No killstreaks,

- No perks,

- ...

It will solve a lot of issues...

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