Momentum: Does this game give random advantage?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


OK, here's a scenario I've seen many times...

I get in a lobby, get chosen to be host, game starts and my team does really well. Next game, I'm still host and the same players are on the other team, but now I can't get a hitmarker to save my life.

Sound familiar?

Is it crazy to think that the game might purposely handicap players at random? Not a lag handicap, but a momentum change. Is this their new formula for getting noobs to keep playing?

Here's another scenario...

Games starts and you go on a rampage, then half way through the game, you start getting instant deaths. I've even had games where I started 0-5, only to come back and finish 30-10. And it really felt like I wasn't even trying at all. Last week, I was playing FFA with a friend and got host the whole time. Every game I broke even, but then got one game, still host and same players, and I just owned. Couldn't be stopped.

So what do you think? Does this game have random momentum?

Last scenario... Start playing. First hour I can't get a single good game. Keep playing, it seems to get better. And after putting in several hours, I become unstoppable. Is this my skill going up? Then why when I come back the next day do I start back at hour one? Is the game rewarding players based on how long they've been connected or am I just seeing different skill levels at all hours of the day? I work swing and grave shifts, so I play at many different hours of the day. The only time that seems consistant is that weeknights after 2am pacific, everyone becomes a camper, most likely because most players on at that hour don't have a job.

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While I really hope this is untrue , I can definitely see what you mean and would probably agree with you

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There was a conspiracy going around back in the MW2 days which was dubbed 'sniperfrog' and was similar to what you are describing now. Personally I think nothing of it when this happens to me every game can't be good or maybe 3arc and IW really do code some sort of handicap

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I've never given much thought to this until this game. I noticed what you describe when you have 2nd prestige and lower on a team, with k/ds lower that 1.0. I've seen what seemed like they have enormous amounts of flinch. Who knows they possibly have. It wouldn't be impossible for them to do it.

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What I find funny in this regard is that I frequently run across two types with very low k/d: The ones who fearlessly run-run-run toward the enemy... and rack up 25+ deaths; and the ones who turn and run when they see an enemy... instead of just shooting at them. lol

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you sounds like the kids in the FIFA forums saying about a "handicap"......sometimes you just play bad, it all depends on the map, who you are up against, and your own connection

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i have been saying this since the MW2 days

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It sure does feel that way.

I hate the "stealth migration" where you are doing great for like 3 min then all of a sudden you get owned and can't get hit markers.

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Good post

So what do you think? Does this game have random momentum?

Yes, there is something about this game that seems to conspire in favor of one team. Its hard to explain and we all want to say its "lag compensation" and it very well might be.

But when do our errors account? How many times can we simply say it was our fault, or the enemy team just were better? Or we did everything right and won?

I know what you mean, I personally feel this game at times conspires for me and then against me! Weird to write that, but it seems like it.

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Yes, the play can often result in a blowout. But I see it both ways, not an "always happening to me" scenario.

I see it happen most when two things occur:


1) The right Mix of Play-styles - When you get the right mix of play-styles all on one side that really "gels". With a good mix of running-and-gunning, a couple of sharp shootin' campers, and some sneaky guys who are always ending up behind enemy lines throwing the other team off balance... it feels pretty awesome when this happens to you, as your "Team" really dominate the match.

Conversely, you get the wrong mix, like having 8 campers who all decided to break in that new sniper rifle at the same time... and you are pretty much doomed right out of the chute.

2) Having a good/bad Game - It happens to almost everyone... you go 30/2, or some other really good score, and later in the night you go 6/20 ... saying to yourself.. WTF...

Get a bunch of people all having a "WTF" match on the same team, and ... well, you know how that baby-violin story ends.


Get elements of both #1 and #2 to converge, and thats when the winning team can feel unstoppable and half the losing team leaves the match.

Yes, there are laggy matches. Yes, there are times when there is a host migration (although nothing like how it was in the first few weeks). But in general lately -- with the exception of games where you get a host of ultra crappy PM glitchers who can't play for crap... or even worse a couple of multi-player logins where there is a toddler shooting at basketballs and butterflies on account (2) -- game-play pain feels pretty balanced.

And to the original poster.. no, it's not just you. It takes me a little while to get warmed up also. It's called immersion. With the limited peripheral vision and inability to quickly glance behind you as you could in RL, you are forced to bend your perspective into the little window of your TV. Some can do it quick, some can never do it... but for me, it takes a bunch of matches to get into the zone where I can then bring the "A" game.

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