My prestige master status disappeared.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hey guys,

My brother and I were playing for hours yesterday, taking advantage of the recent double xp event. I finally reached master prestige After several hours of playing. This certainly gave me a smile.

My main concern is that I was signed in through split screen mode as player 2. After the prestige master i was hit, I left the lobby so he could play by himself.

Just today, I signed into my account noticing that my level appeared to be Prestige 10 lv 55.

If anyone has experienced this please reply. I'm freaking out. I can post proof I reached it. My psn name is: Re-Velocityy. Just watch the games from Sunday 13 October. GMT 12+ NZ. I'll be with my brother: M1CK3Y_V3.

I tried adding pictures but can't figure it out ><.

Thank you

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dont get your panties in a bunch the game didnt save properly on the servers just play like two matches and you shall be a prestige master again except this time play 2 more matches after becoming a prestige master so the server can save your stats

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So this is just a possible server error? I've played like 5-10 games now and waited 2 days and still stuck

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Hello there,

Lets see what we can do to look further into this. Just to clarify, were you playing from your console, or from a different console when prestige master was obtained?



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Hey man,

I was playing on the same console as my brother. I was signed in as player two because it was mainly on my brothers account


EDIT: To make things clearer, Same console, 2 players, different accounts. on ps3

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same thing happen to me I reach prestige master and stop playing and the next day is sign on I notice that I wasn't a prestige master but it only took me 1 game and became a prestige master again not a big problem. 

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