PS3: Tracking "Servers Unavailable" error. [Post Patch 1.03]

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Patch Notice

The latest patch was distributed on 11/17/2012.

Goal of the Thread

- Collect information regarding the inability to access online services.

- Document individual cases.

Notice: Posts that deviate from the below will be removed.

We need you to recount what happened when you encounter this and only this particular issue.

Mandatory Information to Include

- What type of PS3 do you have.

- Any user modifications to your console.

- When and where does this happen.

- What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code

Optional Information to Include

- Any video of the documented issue.

- If you have opened up a support ticket with Activision Customer Support. [Yes or No]

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Developer Posts

Vahn wrote:

Fast update.

We are chasing an issue with Sony right now. It's not just Black Ops 2 users who get dropped, we are seeing it across all PSN titles that Activision supports.

At one point, we dropped 100,000 users. I was one of them.

I'm not saying it's not happening to you. I'm sure it's happening to you. My point is that we are not down.

367,210 people are online right now (PS3 MP).

For those who still can't connect on PS3, you are not forgotten. I'd like you to be part of the people making that number go up.


Vahn wrote:

"Game Servers are Unavailable."

You'll get this message if you can't connect to us. Over the last 24 hours, we've had (2) different issues with the login / authentication servers.

Both are resolved.

In some cases, if you see this message, it doesn't mean the servers are down. It means you can't connect to us. Check your Friends list, or Recent Players. If people are playing, but you are not, it's been 1 of 2 things (so far):

1. Connection issue between you and us. Often temporary.

2. A problem with the login/authentication servers.

I frequently look at this URL, which gives me a basic snap shot of the state of the Internet. Although clearly this doesn't represent your local ISP, it does a reasonable at perdicting backbone trouble.

As of 11/14/2012 at 10:51AM PST we are up and running. I've just logged several games. If you can't connect, it's not because we are are offline.


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I started to encounter this problem on the 15th /  thursday GMT UK time. At 1.47pm I was playing zombes and I had a weird sound buzzing noise so I left the game, quit the actual game. Went back on the game then ever after I got this problem
We are getting an error problem when we try to go online via the main menu for zombies or mp this is happening to PS3, XBOX and PC players

It will say (error The Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates.)
To see what I mean instead of NOTICE it now says error as the title 


I have a ps3 slim 320gb no modifications to my console. Im from Ireland Region Gb and my blue ray code is BLES01717. It now gives the version number of : 81 [22.0-1.1458562] and connectivty information A.-.-.-.E.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. AND BANDWIDTH OKbps

Also the patch did not to improve this matter one bit.

Thank you for taking an interest in ths matter 

Best regard Harry             

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1- PS3 Slim 160GB

2- Never modified anything and my system is up to date (4.31)

3- It just fails to get response from the servers no matter what (20.0.-1 before patch, and now 22.0.-1)

4- I`m in Region 1 (Brazil), BLUS 41005SA

I have been able to play on 10/11 and 11/11, then i got the error untill 11/15 when i was able to play a whole day. On 11/16 i got kicked around 12pm and it never connected anymore

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ps3 slim 160gb

not modified at all

does not connect to servers shows 22.0.1 number in top right corner every time i try to play online MP or zombies

region UK BLES 01717

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Original (fat) PS3 80GB

PS3 Firmware 4.31

BO2 Patch 1.03

Region Norway (NO)

ISP: TeliaSonera Nextgentel

BLES 01717

BO2 in-game version (upper-right corner at the main menu) 22.0.-1

Have gotten the message "The Black Ops 2 server it not available this time..."

since Tuesday or Wednesday.

Everyone else on my friendslist is playing BO2.

Every other game I have from Activision works online.

I'm not a noob in networking so yeah, I've tried everything. The problem is not here.

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just a regular 80 gig ps3

no mods


united states, texas

multiplayer and zombie

got on once at 11pm on wed.

other than that never...the game will not even load without freezing unless i am not oniline with psn..i have to let the game load...then go to multiplayer...then sign in to psn to even get the game to load...have tried this with 4 different discs....have both patches

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- What type of PS3 do you have.

Old school 80G

- Any user modifications to your console.


- When and where does this happen.

Every time I try to connect online for MP or Zombies I get "Servers not available"

- What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code


Also, I rest my router & obtained a new public IP address, no change. Tried creating a new account, no change. Haven't been able to play for over 48 hours now. Was working fine before that. Please fix this soon. I'm getting really, really tired of this. My brothers and all of my friends are playing with no problem.

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PS3 Slim

no modifications

When I get to the multiplayer screen or Zombies

US  BLUS31011

I was able to play on the 15th, but on the 16th I couldn't any more and the 13th and 14th I couldn't either.

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Same Problem, and no it isn't resolved. If you fixed 3 connectivity/authentication problems in 1.03 I would suggest you have a third.

PS3 Slim 320GB

No Mods

BLES-01717 Australia

NAT type 2

PS3 in DMZ

ISP = iinet

No other connectivity issues, Blackops works just fine.

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