Please fix Express

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

This is one of my favourite maps but it's always laggy and on a few occasions the sound goes all squelchy and I have to log out and log back on to remedy it

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EXpress works fine for me

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works fine for me. problems like this are usually on your end.

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Hmmm must be you brother...never have issue's on this map. Other than the Hackers, Wackers & Slacker's that is.

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I have one major issue and it is a massive flaw in my game. I keep dying on this map. Can someone fix that??

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i had a similar problem except mine had no sound try restarting ur system that worked for me

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It only happens on this map for some reason, I have fibre optic broadband and my console is wired in to the router so it's not my connection..............anyway as soon as Ghosts comes out this game is getting mothballed

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This happen to me, Express used to be a favourite map for me, but when I play Express now, the game always freeze, please technical support fix this freezing issue, not only in Express but also Drone, Cargo and Carrier. I already don't play with SDC and I want to play with SDC.

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