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Prestige Noobs...

I don't care if there are already topics for this, but really, these kids have to be banned. I don't care if my friend gets banned for cheating his way through master prestiege. I personally won't go to master prestiege unless these people are banned...

I won't look legit. With a 2.00+ KDR, i would be considered a prestiege hacker.

Please Treyarc or whoever is in charge of this, ban these people for a good week on first offence. On the second ban for a month...this game is going to be pointless if everyone has a fake KDR. I only liked Treyarc games, i disliked Modern warfare games...

I'm a huge fan of COD, and i would literally stop playing this game if there's going to be  alot of people hacking, Black Ops 1 was perfect, no hackers at all...

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Re: Prestige Noobs...

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YOu have to wait, they will be baned and reset, cause its already happening on xbox, so you have to wait for either the patch or they get around to ps3.

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