Server Not Avaliable Issues.....Fixes? Info? Solutions?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Server Not Avaliable Issues.....Fixes? Info? Solut...

Has anyone successfully worked out now how to deal with this or heard anything useful from the Devs etc? Or are we all just sitting around waiting still? I know there are a lot of threads reporting their problems but can we try and detail anything that worked to get it working and playing?

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Re: Server Not Avaliable Issues.....Fixes? Info? S...

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Please insure that you check these featured threads and provide information related to the issue if you can. Updates will be posted in those threads as they are released.

There are multiple threads with the same content as this one, so it will be locked. Please contribute to an existing thread.

PS3: Tracking hard lock information. [Looking for reproducible steps.]

PS3: Servers Unavailable Info Thread

PS3: Tracking "Error" When Looking For Session

Here is the support link also, always helps to file a ticket with them and check the Knowledge Base too Support for Black Ops 2 Hub

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