Since the 1.13 update, we havent found a game!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Eversince my friends and I got the new 1.13 update, we could barely find games. And if we were lucky enough to connect to one, the connection is crappy, then we'd end up lagging out of the game. Before we updated, we used to find games from all over the world, it was perfect. But now, it takes like 30 minutes to find ONE team deathmatch game. We've spend more time waiting to find a game than actually playing it.

HELP! >< i hate this update.

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Yea it takes a while to even be able to find a zombies game now.  And the same thing there it is like this after every patch though give it some time and it should lessen out.

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ive spent a few minutes on the searching for zero matches. very annoying to see it not searching for a game. then you try to back out and the game almost freezes, sends you to the main menu, drops you without warning from the menu screen into some random game and then pops up with connection lost and you have been signed out of the network.

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i have this same problem

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I have the same problem too. Ever since the patch, I can't find games. Treyarch please fix! I want to enjoy the vengeance map pack.

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The Same Error For me

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I too experience the same issues....I have reported it to cutomer support but they wont listen. They keep giving me the run around and insist that the issues lie with my connection and ISP. I have explained it over and over that this issue only arrised after the fact that the new updtaes were installed. I do not know if they are entertaining the issues at all to tell you guys the truth. Its very sad that they have such apoor customer support and care. I would judt wait until the next update i guesss...about another month or so......

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Try changing your home screen preference back to the campaign main menu.  I had the same problem, doing this fixed my problem.  I have since switched back to zombies and it works fine.

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Since the patch all i get is French lobbies and their connection always seems to be far better than mine

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Mine isnt french...But yea European servers......wonder why.........?????

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