Someone knows what happened? o.O

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I was in a match one moment ago, just the time to get the death machine and the host migrated and the lobby fell on the floor, but after that connection interrupted i've got disconnected from PSN. Someone knows what happened? My internet is fine at the moment, but i IDK o.O

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It's teyarch poor servers.

Happens to everyone more then it should.

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Can you still connect? Id assume it was just a failed host migration. Try restarting your router if you haven't already.

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It is possible you had a momentary disconnect from the PSN (more than just a host migration fail).  If that is the case, it is a random occurrence. As mentioned above, restart your router (this is required sometimes) and/or your modem and carry-on playing.

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Internet interruptions between your service and their servers, totally normal unless it happens daily.

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