Sony PULSE elite wireless headset any good ?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

If , not can anyone please recommend anything around $100- $125

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I don't think you'll do any better at that price point.

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I think it is a fine headset.  I had some TB DPX21s and they were just "meh" in comparison.

I was very happy with the pulses at $99+tax

But... the PS4 does not support them (yet).  I decided to get a new pair to go with the PS4 as I am keeping the PS3.

The PS4 will be sporting my new Astro A40s.  They are pricey, but they are better (sounds are more accurate to position). But are the 2.5x better? no

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i've tried a couple Turtle Beach headsets. they all ended up broken. i have two of the Sony headsets. they are awesome.

they work right away- no settings to adjust to get them paired.

hold a decent charge and recharge quickly

excellent sound cancelling.

super easy/fast to mute your mic, even while mid-game.

easy to adjust voice/game volume balance.

can play in stereo or surround sound.

head band has a wide range of adjustment.


Sony quality.

mic moves out of the way if you don't need it (not that it's at all in the way to begin with).

best headset i've ever owned. will not buy any others.

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Mine have been pretty reliable as well. Gotta love that surround sound.

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