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FFA is not a gamemode you can do with ss or even when in a party

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I know this, but it is possible for a player to join another player whom they have as a friend in their friends' list. I join my cousins all the time when they are in a pregame lobby, and we play together AND against each other in the same lobby, depends on how the lobby matches us (TDM and KC, their favorite gamemodes). We wont be thrown into the same "party" if we join the lobby.

I could try to do the same thing I explained earlier, but I don't have that many "friends" who play the game at the same times I play.

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ok I see where you are coming from... maybe try to join someone while the are in a pre game lobby of FFA I not sure if it will work

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Exactly... but there have been reports of SSs getting into FFA games.  A random glitch that has happened.

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do you thinks ss will return in other cod games or will this be the last

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I am not a fan of split screen one bit mp or zombies side of the game. If someone wants to splitscreen with a friend sure but do it offline (system link,local). It kinda messes up the lobby on Zombies side seeing as 1xbox controls how 1/2 the zombie game goes. I was unaware that splitscreen players could end up on opposite teams in MP did treyarch do this on purpose or was this something they didnt pay attention to? I usually avoid splitscreen players nothing personal against them but I have had alot of issues with splitscreeners on the zombies side of the game and refuse to give another one a shot.

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Theater Mode is OUT for COD Ghosts - Now if they'd just announce Split Screening is OUT - I'd be pretty happy.

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