Swarm needs a buff, it was fine before the nerf, what do you think?

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your right though i dont see a lot of swarms either, i believe its because the lower streaks can do the same amount of damage as the higher streaks, players that get high streaks a lot will tell you the only useful high point streak is the lodestar,

another reason you dont see many is because most players that cant get em put em on hoping they can get one once in a blue moon like those idiots with swarm dogs and vsat selected and cant even get a bloodthirsty, most good players dont select high streaks or swarm particularly is because by the time they earn one swarm the would have recycled the lightning strike like three times which would end up getting them more kills then one swarm would 

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haHa! Hey Reven - I'm sorry because I thought you meant "players like me", as in "I always get HK swarms". Goes to show how things get misinterpreted on-line!

But seriously, you see them often? Absolutely what you say though about the high streaks. For someone like me, if I ever got the 19 or so kills it takes for something like that, the game would be over right as I called it in! So ya, my score streaks are UAV, lightning strike and then I added the AGV for good measure. I can get the UAV and LS sometimes twice in a game (if I'm on the good side of lag!). And once in a while I get lucky and can call in my AGV.

Anyway, I strayed off the topic. Look me up sometime and add me if you want: rkms499

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chard1027 wrote:

For someone like me, if I ever got the 19 or so kills it takes for something like that, the game would be over right as I called it in!

Nothing more frustrating than getting a nice high streak and then game ends right after. 

But nothing funnier than seeing some poor bastard getting one and seeing the same thing.  I once saw some dude get an LS and you can hear him shoot the first missle, but the game ended right after that sound effect.  It went something like this:  "Pppshewww" and a split second later, action stops and "Brought the pain.  Time to get paid."  LOL. 

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As far as I know the swarm was never nerfed. (Unless it was in a hotfix).

So it seems you just don't know all the factors that could affect the total amount of kills one could or could not get with the swarm.

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it was slightly nerfed

slightly as in it was pretty insignificant, same with the lodestar nerf

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couple the swarm with dogs and they wont have much place to hide.

or use your vsat to flush the enemy out.

they usually respawn in the open.

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The only reason I ever used the SWARM was to fuel my ego. If I really wanted to punish the other team I would use low streaks and spam the sh*t out of them. To be completely honest the SWARM was very underpowered in comparison to the other Scorestreak choices. I think the most kills it ever got for me was 14 or something like that. That's pretty low compared to the number of kills I could get from 3 or 4 LS.

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Swarm, IMO, is one of the least original streaks they've came up with.  It's just a bunch HKs--lazy game making.

Come to think of it, it's pretty unrealistic (even for a video game) too.  A bunch of drones flying madly in the air going every which way.  On top of that, they make it the most difficult streak to get.  LOL, silly. 

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hears the deal when you run a swarm you need to run dogs at the sometime because the dogs with kill the guys that are camping inside and swarm will kill the guys outside its a win win so here are some setups to run with:


2.vsat/emp systems/loadstar or warship

3.steath chopper/vsat/dogs


try those and seen if the work for you

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Second poster nailed it. Most of the people still playing this game have just gotten much better at taking cover when air-support is called in. That pretty much goes for everything in this game.

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