Swarm needs a buff, it was fine before the nerf, what do you think?

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Living in costa rica I usually run low kill streaks because my connection is not the best, but now that I am visiting the US, I finally am getting high kill streaks like vsats, lodestars, and swarms. I am so disappointed in my average for the swarm being only 4 kills. This was the kill streak I always strived to get and now that I am getting it I don't think I will run it anymore. This kill streak is 1900 and not the easiest to get so why is it so weak? I can get 4 kills with a lightning strike so why waste it on this. What do you guys think? I have since changed it to VSAT, Escort drone, and lodestar until they change the swarm back to what it was.

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It's not weak, the reason you get 4 kills is because: Enemy Swarm inbound. When i hear that, i hide inside an house or anywhere that a freakin' paper plane can't catch me, and everyone else is just doing the same , or rage quitting LOL... So the reason you don't get alot of kills is cause of that. I've seen people get 7-10 kills with a swarm, it always depends how fast people are to hide

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As far as I was aware they never nerf'ed (and yet again I hate that term) the Swarm, they slowed down the rate of fire I guess but as far as I can tell it hasn't lessened the nasty effects of it.  It is just like Necaross stated, when I hear the warning, it is inside I go.  If I am on Hijacked, it is down the basement I go because for some reason, I always end up getting hit even when inside LOL.

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As long as you don't stay near a door, just stay deep inside a building and you'll be fine. That's what i do and most the time i only get killed 1 time during a swarm, so i'm all good

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I believe I saw someone rack up 27 kills with a swarm. It was attained on Dig. No cover and stupid enemies LOL.

I prefer the Lodestar though. The intimidation factor of the Swarm is fun, but I like directing the pain. Nothing sweeter than nailing a shot through a window/doorway

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Swarm is weak, there is too much warning for the other team to get inside and stay there 'til it's all over, in the right hands, LS is the most destructive streak by far

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The LS is far superior to the Swarm in my opinion.  When I was going for the Swarm title I netted between 12 to 15 kills per Swarm most of the time but I also had Swarms that only picked up a handful of kills (lowest being 2 kills).  I could cycle the LS 3 or 4 times in the amount of points that is required for a Swarm and easily get 12 to 15 kills or more out of them.

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Have any of you been in a lot of games where you had the possibility of a swarm, or someone in the game got one? I came to CoD a little late in the life-cycle of the game (started playing this past June), but I can only recall being in one match where the enemy called in a swarm. And I think only one time where the enemy called in dogs. Now, I can't recall if this was from a care package or through score streaks, but I just never see it. If they frequently showed up in care packages, of course I would have seen it much more often.

As for the lodestar, certainly more of those. Couldn't count the number of times, but certainly more than HK swarm.

Anyway, just my observation. Just wondering how common it is.

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guess you dont run into players like me everyday

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No, I guess I don't. I'm obviously not that special.

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