Team Flash, and Concussion Grenades Trolls Can this be reported as cheating?

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Just a little tidbit of info:

I, too, fire off my weapon a few rounds at the start of the match. In hardcore mode [which what we're all talking about] it's a bit silly to do, but I do it out of habit.  However, in core mode, it does serve a purpose and that purpose is to measure the lag you could expect in game.  You do this by looking at your ammo count in your clip as you fire off single shots from your weapon. If it looks like they're in perfect unison, then you're probably looking at some great to excellent connection and you should have no problem landing your shots on target.  However, if you do see a bit of a delay between when you fire and when the bullet count decreases, then you're going to have some lag.

A quick way to measure how much lag you might have is to start to say "One-one thousand" at the same time you press the fire button and then stopping the instant you see the bullet count drop.  "One-one thousand" takes about an actual second to say and if we break it down into it's 4 syllables, we can estimate that each syllable is .25 of a second. So, if you stop at 'One', then you're looking at between .01 - .25 of a second lag. If you stop at 'Thou', you're look at between .50 - .75 of a second lag.  Good luck if you start saying 'Two-one thousand, three-one thousand...'

Is it a completely accurate measurement of you lag? Not at all, but it gives you a general idea of what you could possibly expect when you play and answer you question as to why you cant kill anyone.  And it could possibly save you a bit of frustration before it even starts.

Of course, not everyone who fires their gun off at the start of the round do it for this reason, but you know.

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lag can increase or decrease anytime in game. one minute I m killing enemies like a beast in a row and another minute I m dying like sh*t In the same game. I use a very fast paced play style. So I can feel the difference in lag easily. And in my opinion lag is the biggest enemy for fast paced players.

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Reload, seriously? Ditto what TRU said. If that player was trying to help members of the other team (boosting in another form), then I guess you could say he was cheating. But really, I think most of the time it's just some immature jerk who likes to mess around with people so that they'll go to a discussion board like this and cry about it.

Next time you run into something like that, try to make that player kill you. Yes, it will take some of your time away from the actual objective, but at least you'll get the pest kicked from the game. And just maybe if that happens to the troll enough times, he'll actually consider playing "with" the team.

Just my 2 cents.

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Reload_54 wrote:

Had this guy the other day named Stinky_Fingas on HC Domination team flash and concussion grenade the team until he managed to get himself kicked. He went around shooting team claymores and trophies and grenading his own team with flashes and concussions. I looked at his score at one point and he was 0-19 or something to that effect. He also managed to join two of my games which brings up the point of how can he join my game if I do not friend him?

I dont know if "trolling" is considered cheating but he should be kicked from the game (I think) if he kills friendly.

HCDOM does not have the biggest number of players, the system puts him and you on the same game searching availability.

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I ran into the very same idiot you refer to, back at the end of June-still have the love note I sent him in my message box. At that time, I watched several of his recent matches and looked him up in Elite(couldn't find him today). He is a VERY special case. When I checked his stats, he had over 250 hours played with 1000's of deaths and less than a hundred kills. Though I believe all trolls suffer from some sort of developmental issues, this one takes the cake. He gets into matches, stuns and concusses his teammates, then suicides by jumping off the map or C4ing himself and repeats...and repeats...and repeats...and repeats...and repeats... for OVER 250 HOURS!!! He does NOTHING else. I was bored to tears watching him in action over just a few matches. He's probably suffering from some form of OCD and I told him as much. This cretin should seek help ASAP...and as for the rest of the common garden variety trolls...a big F U to you all. Amateurs!

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I had a conversation with activassist (or whatever the heck it's called) last spring and I forget what portion of the TOS was quoted, but I was told to report in game as cheating.  Supposed to do this when they block you, 'nade you, shoot friendly equip or shoot the cp owner and steal a cp.

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