Tips and Tricks for Black ops 2

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Tips and Tricks for Black ops 2

Hey guys It's me again CriTiicaL_Remiix,

Okay today this discussion is free for everyone to comment and post Tips and Tricks they want to share...


Are you going for that most wanted 'GOLDEN CAMO'? In my opinion the best way to achieve this is to be using target finder and also that Infrared sight, these greatly increase your chances for headshots as it is far more accurate and more reliable for headshots.

Tip 2: GOOD KD

If you are going for a high KD you should be using the scorestreak UAV, UAV's are great for revealing lower levels who haven't unlocked ghost (Lvl 55). You should also be aiming to use guns that you think suit your type of style, the MSMC is great for players who "RUSH", an-94 for those players who want to clear the ground and the LMG are for those who want to be the "RUN AND GUn" meaning rushing with lots of bullets. Finally as you reach 1st prestiged the best way to improve your gameplay is to unlock Ghost, Ghost is a perk that can be unlocked before prestiging (Level 55). It hides your position from thoses pesky UAV's.


When playing in those CQC (Close Quarter Combat) maps such as Nuketown, Hijacked maybe even Slums? Try to use Submachine guns and Shotguns to flank the enemy team and gain more kill. When playing in a large map such as Carrier,Overflow and Turbine Snipers and Assault Rifles are the beasts of the battlefield as they can kill enemies from a longer distance.


Sub- Machine Guns: When using these weapons (My favourite) pair it up with dual mag and silencer to gain silenced kills and flanking kills, try the perk Ghost, Cold- Blooded and Marathon to get better gameplay.

Assault Rifles: Match these up with reflex sight, dual mag or silencer. The reason why the silencer is essential is because it can kill enemies without revealing your position.

Shotguns: Use my favourite shotguns the R870 MCS and the KSG, these are one shot one kill shotguns so match it up with the attachements of your choice, use the perks Marathon, Dexterity, Lightweight and Engineer. NOTE: This requires a wildcard for slot 3

Sniper Rifles: As there is no more quickdraw pair up the DSR or BALLISTA with fast mag and FMJ to gain one shot one kills and use perks Cold- Blooded, Ghost and Marathon. Use the B23R or KAP 40 for secondary as there are some pesky enemies that T-BAG you while you are scoping in.

Light-Machine Guns: I'm no master at these so this is my tip, try not to use these often as they are heavy and 'Uncomfortable' to play with, use Marathon, Ghost and Engineer to reduce deaths...

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Re: Tips and Tricks for Black ops 2

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I would add the following -

As an individual player:

1) use the cold-blooded perk

2) EMP grenades are your best friends. Seriously. Take out AGRs, shock charges, guardians, sentry guns, bouncing bettys and more. If you've a mind to, equip the Tactican wildcard and get three (depending on how you spend your other Pick-10 points)

As a team player in obvious objective game types:

1) Check your k/dr at the door. period. (optional - exclamation point). If you can't - please, don't play

2) Remember, there is no "I" in team, but there is "meat". So be willing to let your avatar (toon) become dead meat, if it means the difference between victory and defeat for your TEAM

3) see #2 above

4) FHJ-18 AA. The skies above that map should be the exclusive domain of your team; nothing that flies should be allowed in unchallenged. And do not assume that some / everyone else on your team will have one strapped to their back(s). Enemy UAV, CUAV, care pkg., etc. inbound? Not on my watch.

Remember, you can't have slaughter without the laughter


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