Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hello Guys,


Today I've bought a digital version (not DVD) of BO2 for PS3.

If I didn't update the game at latest version (1.19) it works well.

When I've downloaded and installed the 1.19 patch, after an application reboot, the game crashes every time when the Dolby logo comes up.

I've deleted the game and reinstalled without the patch 1.19 and it works. But I can't play online!

Any help?

Thanks in advance.



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So i had the Same Problem and you are Just Not able to start bo2 while you are logged in, so Just Log Out (psn) and Open the Game. Now Just wait Like 1 Minute and the Press The Home Button and Log in. DONT Go on ,,Play Online". Now you can Play. If you want to Play Zombies and you are in the Game Just Log Out Switch to Zombies and Wait 1 Minute and the Connect. I know IT IS *****ing Complicated but It will be easier 


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I need help with this as well
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