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Wanna buddy?

I'm searching for someone that is interested in haveing fun and talking while playing Black ops 2. I find the COD games more fun when playing with friends, (especially when you can talk to them) plus this'll give me an excuse to use my mic more. So please, if you meet these requirements (whether you need a clan or not) then feel free to reply or pm me. Thanks!

1. Have to have a mic. (if you dont meet this one then just forget it lol)

2. Have to speak english (again big thing)

3. Have to have Black ops 2 (mw3 is good too, but HAVE to have BO2)

4. Need to be able to work with my scheduale (weekends I play nights, weekdays I play whenever)

5. Must be at least 16 (I don't want to offend anyone but I'd rather talk to someone closer to my age)

6. Obivoulsy I'm a guy, so if you're looking for a girl you should look elsewhere (just looking for a new friend to hang out with)

7. Must be willing to share basic info if accepted so we can get to know each other (age, first name etc., I will share the same)

8. Guys or Girls I don't care. As long as you don't take the game too seriously (like throwing things at the television lol) then we're good

9. MUST HAVE PS3!! (I do not own an xbox)

I'm only going to accepted one, maybe two people so please do not be offended if you're not picked.

If you do get picked and you do not have a clan, we'll be more than happy to have you join.

If you are looking for just a clan to join feel free to check out my other disscusions and look into joining A-Team94

If you post a reply or send a pm, please let it pertain to this. I check this almost everyday and I will post when I've found someone(s)


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Re: Wanna buddy?

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Whats your location and what type of games do you play? I'm mostly into dom and have been picking up some friends lately to have fun and win more games. I'm 22 years old and lives in Norway. Would really like to expand my friendslist with quality players

Edit: ID: BoWie_Skruf

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