anyone up for easteregg

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

anyone up for easteregg

ones i need to do tranzit -maxis

die rise -maxis

buried -maxis-richofen

orgins all the rest i done if anyone willin to help add me plz and wright me a messige o let me knw if u wanna help my name hbuck psn

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Re: anyone up for easteregg

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Yo dude, well I'll be happy to help with the easter eggs as I need to get mine done too, don't mind what sides u would like to do, just want the achievements really, I'll add u when I next get online.

May I also ask, do you speak English? and what time zone are you in?

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Re: anyone up for easteregg

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I'd love to do the easter egg with you guys. i got a mic and i speak English. I got all maps for black ops 2 and apart from ascension and shangrila i got all the maps for Black ops 1. PSN: Peacemaker_mkm1

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