Black Ops II PlayStation 3

bitch and moan

I've already posted in the tracking topic I just feel like bitching a little bit now

So I wait in line for 7 hours then pay $90 for a game that does not work in any mode for me

Zombies and Multiplayer give me Error blops servers not available

and campaign just freezes

I also suffer from freezing while the game loads if I am signed into psn (this is caused by patch 1.02 btw if you delete it that won't happen)

I tried to proxy around the patch but still the same error

it really sucks having owned the game for just over 30 hours now and not having played once

so being the loyal call of duty fan that I am I purchased call of duty black ops declassified for my vita and that is plagued by its share of problems and even that has recieved a 400mb patch already -_- bad lag game crashes and 10 - 15 minutes to get into a lobby without being dropped but hey at least I get to play now and then right?

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