dlc's and hardcore.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Iv'e paid the same amount for the map packs as people who play core..I along with a lot of others only play hardcore.yet hardcore players have to wait till a random new dlc map appears,core players get their own apocalypse only lobby.as per every dlc..Since i bought apocalypse i would say one in ten games is the dlc. and its been dig..or frost.

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As a HC player myself, I feel your pain... but let's look at the numbers.

There has never been people playing HC to warrant having a full supported playlist.  Even if everyone you, your friends and myself knew played HC, it would not be enough.

It is the unfortunate reality.

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i wouldnt expect a full play list like core..but apocalypse hardcore tdm ctf and s+d would be nice..they can implement bonus lobbies at will so one more for hardcore shouldnt be a problem..mw3 had f more hc options

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It's funny, I play HC-DOM quite a bit and I have played quite a few matches on the new maps.  Now last night, I was in a full team and two of the players had NONE of the download packs which made it extremely difficult for match making but other than that I usually get a good mix of all four DLC's along with the original maps.

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I agree, man. One thing I hate as well is when it's Double XP weekend, they put nuketown 2025 only playlist but, it's for CORE only. I wish they had a core and hardcore nuketown 2025 playlist.

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