"PS3 Split Screen Boosting"

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

"PS3 Split Screen Boosting"

Something needs to be done about the split screen boosting on the PS3! These guys know that the secondary guest account won't affect there primary account so there using there secondary account to boost on, this is really taking the fun out of the game because when you see your team lose because

of someone boosting it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth! They should implement that the lowest score between the two accounts will be added to the primary

account leader board scores! If the score started affecting there primary split screen account they will stop doing this! Treyarch needs to do something about

this ASAP because players have converted to this type of gameplay to try and get Diamond camos etc.This has really started to ruin this game already and

it's to early to have these type of issues with I think one of Call of Duty best game ever. I will not purchase any DLC until this problem is addressed!!!

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Re: "PS3 Split Screen Boosting"

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How are they boosting when they're on the same team?  The guy still gets a loss. 

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Re: "PS3 Split Screen Boosting"

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its a glitch dude...theres a glitch to put your second controller on the opposite team...

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Re: "PS3 Split Screen Boosting"

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^ I wish I knew how to do that

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