*sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

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*sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Disclaimer: if you are totally bored with reading about this stuff, or you are convinced you know about what lag compensation is, stop reading now.

If you are trying to figure out what it might be and are confused by watching youtube videos and the like, you may find this an interesting read (esp. the links provided... in fact... scroll down and start there)

What I have posted is not 100% technically accurate. It would serve no purpose to try and be accurate, as it would cause more people to not believe what could be the truth as it requires more understanding than I wish to provide.  If someone does wish to add, please feel free,

Serious wall of text:

A common error that is made by a few people (not their fault) is:

"People with fast connections and compensated, or slowed down, to allow for people with slower connections to play"

NO... that is not correct... not correct at all....

Everyone lags... everyone. And there is no such thing as a slow vs fast connection based on bandwidth, but that is off-topic.  Those terms are often misuesd (even by the ISP industry to make it so people have some level of understanding - but it adds to confusion)

On topic: (and this has been discussed so many times it is not funny)

Everything you see already happened.  When a player moves/fires/does anything, it takes time (small amount of time agreed... fractions of seconds) for the results of the actions to go up to the server (host) and then redistributed to the clients (other players in the game/lobby).

To COMPENSATE for the differences between what happens and when you see it happening (lag) the system awards you with hits and misses knowing by how much you were lagged by (e.g. it reverse projects based on known lag if you are shooting where the player WAS: example if you are lagged by 120 ms and you shoot at where were someone was 120ms ago, you get a hit - that is hit detection and lag compensation WORKING)... but this can obviously result in people being hit when they believe they made it around the corner or ducked for cover.

This is where the confusion arises:

When you die after you ran around a corner, but you see in the killcam that you never made it around the corner, people have assumed that the game pulled you back to compensate for the fact that someone with a fast connection outran someone with a slower connection. This is not exactly true. What happened was: you ran around the corner but that information did not make it to all the players yet regardless of their individual connection "speeds" so they still see you in front of them. They shoot, the system says: yep they were there x seconds of lag ago so you get a hit.

When the lag is terrible, the system CANNOT compensate well. What happens then is :

- you shoot at someone and nothing registers and then poof the player you were shooting at moves to a new location very fast

- You get killed by someone you never see, but they are standing right in front of you

- You die without taking any damage 1st, then in the killcam you see the person actually emptied a clip into you while you were not moving

- etc...

This has NOTHING to do with someone having fast and slow connections. It has to do with the latency (ping, RTD*) between players.  Example: two people have excellent bandwidth and can low-ping servers across the country. You would think: "If these two players ended up in the same lobby they would have a decent fair game against one another"

Well this could be true... accept one is in the US, and one is in the UK. Regardless of the quality of the internet, they are gonna lag to no end. Again, it has nothing to do with who is "fast" and who is "slow"...

People have incorrectly talked about this for years, and even though the truth is out there, people have chosen not to believe it.

Here is a simple read:

https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking#Lag_compe nsation

this should be your starting point, and not someone with a capture card who decided to post something on youtube...

Not saying I am 100% right or accurate; I am saying that one can easily find the correct (or at least more accurate) information out there.

Additional reading if you are interested (not just about compensation, but also lag... and deliberate additional lag which may touch other points):


http://compnetworking.about.com/od/consumerelectronicsnetworks/f/lag_switches.ht m


*RTD - round trip delay. The time it takes for you to send information to a destination and it coming back to you. 

Because the game requires so little bandwith, the amount of bandwith you have does not factor much into lag/ping.  What does factor is the quality of the equipment/lines between the source (you) and destination.  My ISP (as anexample) did not believe in hosting or peer-to-peer networking. As a result, when packets were indentifed is P2P they would get throttle to 80kbps (approx 10kBps!). People would drop out of games when I would host because they could not stay connected, because my uploads were so "slow" lol.  This has stopped... and now people can stay connected.

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

And there you have it.

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Here is a thread that explains a bit of what lag compensation tries to do:


Please be aware nothing anyone  is saying is made up. Everyone has a right to their opinions, no matter how truthful or false they are.  But sometimes, their is an advantage to not ignoring potential truth.

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Great post

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

in reply to Ghamorra

Thanks... but it is nothing more than what you, maccabi, phx or others have posted in the past... The information is out there, I am not sure why people refuse to believe it, as it really is not that hard to understand.

... and why people believe someone "just because" they posted something on youtube amazes me to no end.

- If the truth is in a youtube video it is still the truth

- information posted in a youtube video is not truth just because it was posted in a video

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

I wish the mods would sticky a great post like this, but then again there are and always will be those who would still go ahead and create a new thread even if the answer is right in front of them.

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

in reply to Raketti

fair... but the problem is: just because it looks like a great post, that does not make it right.

No matter how many people believe something is true... someone will still say it is false.

but having said that:

There is no such thing as validity by concensus... if a million people state someone false is the truth, it is still false.

The point I am trying to make is: people should go and read up on what is correct, instead of blindly believing what someone says (even if it seems to sound correct). Otherwise we are just the blind leading the blind.

Again.. the truth is out there, but people many have decided to believe that "The system lag comped me" as it seems to fit into what makes sense to them.

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Its exhausting trying to keep up with all the threads that post ridiculous info. Its one thing to not be sure of something or to be wrong while maintaining a general concept. But the stuff in YouTube videos are completely wrong and have no connection to truths. I guess having a few hundred subscribers gives you the Godly ability to re-invent the physics of the world

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Great post and thank you for the info rlbl

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Re: *sigh* Yes, another Lag "Comp" thread

Want a fast solution?

Disable DLC :V

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