the millimeter scanner is a little to sci fi, and almost chaotic!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I love the idea of the millimeter scanner but find the progressive scan to be almost a headache!   And occasionally it'll scan a bush and the bush will look like a crouching enemy!?  Plus, you very rarely spot an enemy because the enemy has to be completely still!?  I would rather have something like 4 to 6 scans operated by myself, and rather see enemies even if they're moving.  Just thoughts anyways!

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I've never found it useful, though the recoil seems to be better when I do use it Probably just my imagination..

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The MMS is a very situational piece of equipment.  If you're using it by trying to scan through everything, then you're limiting yourself and your play style. Think of it primarily as a type of Red Dot Sight that has a little added bonus: the ability to see through walls.  So, play normally, then use it to scan into rooms or corners before you proceed.  For fast-paced games like Dom and KC, it probably doesn't have a lot of uses. However, I do find it a bit useful in HC Dom for scanning flags and other areas. The low health means you can punch through walls pretty effectively with it in HC Dom.

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