when playing with people from other euroupe you get a lot of LAG EXAMPLE

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I'm pretty sure you are in the same pool of players like the rest of us with a digital copy too, the matchmaking just  doesn't work very well and it creates these lobbies with people from all across Europe (or lobbies with people that have an extremely wide variety of pings towards the host).

I live in Finland but constantly get matched with French, Spanish, Italian and German players too. I'm sure every nation has people playing with crappy connections, and some of these players i get matched with are quite far away from me too so there will be some lag, but the majority of French and Spanish players seem to have really crappy connections.

UK is the biggest market area for CoD in Europe, but i rarely see any of them in my lobbies. France & Germany are second and third so it's all not that suprising to get matched with them occasionally since i live i country that only has a bit over 5 milllion people, but it seems like pretty much no one in Scandinavia never plays this game. Funny how you still get more local matchmaking in some of the older games that have a fraction of the playerbase compared to what BO2 has (or at least had, the numbers have gone down but the problem was the same when more people were playing).

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Iv been having bad lag these's last few week's i dont understand why tho.

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agree to all double xp weekend is also very laggy not a lot of people can play a game on nuke town

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