why is it that rushers do not watch where they are are going in call of duty don't they know it will get them killed

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


see i had placed c4 and a shock charge on my riot shield  and ran and camped somewhere else within a 30 seconds this happened who else think that rushers need to be more careful and less sloppy or this will happen again lol

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not every rusher is careless. and this tactic would of never worked against me i run engineer & tac mask with emp nades. Just so i can kill mindless campers with no skills.

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Oh, a connection warrior huh?  I like slowing down for your type, setting up some assinine thing like the vid and counter camp the spot so when you come in gung ho after your nade tossing I can shoot you in the back.  It's so fun to hear you scream "camper!!" before I go back to moving around the map.

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