A customer demand ... let's make a petition !

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I have enough !

I did pay for this game 60 eur  and . One  month after release  i'v bin abble to play for 4 days , not more ,  i had the  connection interupted  issue  for 2 weeks from  game release , plus black screens , fps drops , after 2 weeks  u put out a patche and i was abble to play at last .... still it was far  from polished gameplay but better then nothing i said ... but now after another patch yesterday ... im not abble to play again , not that i have the connection interupted issue , black screen ... now i get errors  and game crash  in every second match ... enough is enough!

I wonted to be polite , but its just impossible ... i and many other players out ther did pay 60eur for this game  and what did we get a game that  wasnt even beta tested ?!?

This game is farr from polished game and im pretty sure that  u do care more about releasing a DLC soon then focusing to fix this game and give the players/customers a game they did pay for !

Í would suggest that u give us refunds , thake the game back and  work for it like for 2 more months and then release it ... but i know its not possible , cuz Activisoin/Teryarche just dont care about customers , u did get your money and thats all ...

Well here is the deal  i will make a petition and post it on all forums , web sites fanpages ect . that we customers want as a refund first DLC for free!

Yes my english is bad , but im pretty sure u will understant , when it come's to money ...


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