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Black Ops II Technical Support

I am having issues connecting to any type of Multiplayer Match. My NAT is Open. I installed and uninstalled the game on my Xbox. Redownloaded the Title Update and still haven't had any such luck. I did get into a Combat Mission lobby, however I ranked up to Level 11 so fast it didn't last. I have tried other lobbies. Changed my search preferences numerous times and still nothing. I can only play Zombies solo as well because of this. I wanted to take advantage of the Double XP I was entitled to by preordering the game, but I am unable to do so. Are we going to get a fix and be compensated for not being able to utilize the Double XP. I don't care to get compensated for loss of time I would like to play the game I am enjoying so far.


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NAT: Open

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I am having a problem like this. Eccept, mine says connecting to online services, then for a while it loads then gives me an error saying, The Call of duty black ops 2 server is not avalible at this time: please try again later or visit http://callofduty.com/blackops2/status for updates. this is really agrivating me, i went out late the other night hoping to get something good, and yet i havent been able to play once, and the shitty service activision has, i cant even call them because when i do they say that due to the large amount of callers they have closed call back tomorrow at 11:00. I am going to say f*ck call of duty, my MW3 does the same thing. black ops 1 on the other hand works fine for me. i wish someone could help with this issue. all my friends around here have no problem with it but me. I am on ps3.

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