Black Ops 2 7/23/13 Update Game Freezing

Black Ops II Technical Support

Like many other people today, I decided to play Black Ops 2 due to seeing the new camos on Youtube. I downloaded the update and on the the blank screen with the numbers on the top, the game froze. I tried opening and closing the tray and it worked. The game got to that same point and froze again. I couldn't open and close the tray because it didn't unfreeze the game. I tried Zombies and it did the same thing. At first, I thought it was the disk, so I tried a second disk, but the same thing happened. I know it is not my X-Box because I tried using Fall of Cybertron and it loaded up perfectly.

This has been affecting other people, so this is a problem that needs to be fixed. If it is not fixed, I will be doing away with my copy of Black Ops 2.

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I'm have the exact same problem, Looks like a Ps3 day for me..


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I'm have the exact same problem, Looks like a Ps3 day for me..


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Same similar problem for me, but when I do get in it says I don't have the map packs I bought when they are in my hard drive.

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Hello All,

Thanks for posting and letting us know of the problem! This is something that we are looking into! It does look like that Xbox is also experiencing some issues so these could be related.




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its evident these idiot trained monkeys dont even do a little thing called! "beta testing!" online lol if they did they would of encountered this also. i figured there would be something bad about this patch! always some bug they make instead of fixing things

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Hey giys mine froze two i waited five minutes and it came right up shouldnt have to wait that long though please fix asap

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Here is what worked for me :
turn off your internet Router or modem so that on xbox you would be signed in to your profile but not on xbox live .
open the game .
go to zombies or multiplayer
now turn on your internet and sign into xbox live
it should work now
hope I helped

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That wont work for some people (I don't have a disc copy its a download)

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This is really making me mad it has froze my xbox numerous times always at the black screen with the numbers on the top right. I tried deleting the update from storage no luck. And on top of that the support center doesn't open until 11!

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