Black Ops 2 Stats Reset

Black Ops II Technical Support

I fully agree considering the money we poor into there pockets, An explanation would be considerate, along with an actual attempt to fix a problem they created.

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This sucks...jeezus, in this day and age, the ability to re-set this stuff shouldn't take, what 8 days for some of you?  Thats BS.

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While your stats are reset, can they still fix it even tho you rank up?

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I have been had as well, seven damn days of my time stripped....perm unlocks everything. Getting beatin up by clowns because i have jack now. Hope this gets sorted out for all i enjoy playing this game but if this is what i can expect from this i will have too find another game......if this was world of warcraft or some hippie crap id be fixed by now lol. xbox snaggles187 out!

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My stats just reset this morning. EVERYTHING GONE. accept my leaderboards. someone help! i dont know what to do, i already filled out the form on activision support, how long does it take?

i was level 50 prestige 10, just about to become master prestige. I am very upset and wated 6 days of gametime with this reset

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Ive been waiting 3 days , so far to get my stats reset.

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Stats reset has happened to me twice now - first time abotu 2 weeks ago everything was restored within 6 hours and I was blown away by the speed it was fixed. Happened again early Monday evening and it is Wednesday morning and I'm still back to Level 4 (as I played 1 game after the reset) from Prestige 5 Lvl 22. I do hope they don't take 8 days to fix mine - especially after impressing me so much when it happened the first time.

Split screen with my son caused my stats to reset due to corrupt data rank - lost levels, weapons, playercards - but when i go to leaderboards my stats are still correct in there...

Fingers crossed...

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This is actually for activision my prestige award token thing when i reached master prestige is no longer there i have been wanting to reset for 7 days of game time but my token has been taken from me how do i get it back my gamertag is xfon roidrage my email is

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Someone actually logged in my account and reset my stats when I just prestige to prestige 7 Smiley Sad

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That happened to me when I was about to prestige to prestige 10 and then it reset all of my levels stats gun camos, pretty much everything.

I Want to know if there is a way to go back to prestige 10.

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