Black Ops 2 leaderboard reset?

Black Ops II Technical Support

It hasn't happened to everyone, but it happened to me and a few others as well. I have no idea why, but my career leaderboard stats are nowhere near my actual combat record stats. According to my combat record I have 1 day 16 hours played, 140 wins, and 750,000 score with 311 spm. But the career leaderboards say that I only have 5 1/2 hrs played, 55 games played (notice it isn't wins), 96,000 score, and 284 spm. If this has happened to anyone else and you know something about why it happened please explain or spread the word so it can be fixed.

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Happend to me to bro. I had 4 days played, ranked around 2500 in the world and sadly got reset. Now i only have 9 hours played and ranked 1.6 million even thou my career says 4.5 days played.

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