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Well, the game can not I return my scorestreaks my classes are all blocked, I was prestige 1 level 50, do not know why this happened if anyone know how to solve, thank you

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If you have not contacted Activision Customer Support.

Please review this Knowledge Base article. In it you will find explanations and a link to a form fill out.

My Rank and Stats Have Been Unexpectedly Reset

Note: If applicable, please link your Gamertag or SEN ID to your ELITE profile before starting this process.

If you have contacted Activision Customer Support.

Please continue to contact them through channel that you chose to do so. Here is a list of the most common channels.

Contacting Customer Support

Twitter & Facebook availability: Considered 24/7

Can a moderator fix my issue?

No. We cannot not provide or answer for Customer Support. Please forward all questions to them.

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