Black ops 2 freezing issue

Black Ops II Technical Support


I have black ops 2 and it use to play fine but now when I go into it sometimes I can't even play because it freezes and if I am able to play during the game it freezes or after a game it wont go back to the lobby. My black ops 1 use to do that but we got a new game and now its fine but I can't afford to buy a new game. Is there any way I can get this fixed. It has only happened on these 2 games all the rest of our games work fine. And there is nothing wrong with the disk. We have cleaned it and made sure there was no scratches. Its practially a new disk and only recently has it been played a lot but we had to stop playing it because of the freezing. We have tried deleted the data of the game and took off the updates but still won't work.

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