Black ops 2 keeps freezes

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Black ops 2 keeps freezes

Hey my black ops 2 is ALL WAYS FREEZING and I don't want to buy a other black ops 2 and I don't want to mess up my ps3. what should I do can you guys fix the problem.

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Re: Black ops 2 keeps freezes

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Hello, thanks for contacting us today. Sorry to hear about the freezes! Can you first try clearing your PS3 game data utility? Check out this page for instructions:

Don't worry, your account is safe - the game data utility is simply downloaded updates, which can sometimes become corrupt and cause freezes.

Also, are you using a wireless connection?  Can you double check your game disc for marks or scratches?



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Re: Black ops 2 keeps freezes

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My black ops 2 keeps freezing when going into online games ...... mainly one or two maps

What I have done so far:

Deleted all game data and downloaded maps etc the reinstalled them ....

I put the ps3 into safe mode and rebuilt the data base and restored the file system ....

Reloaded the game and installed the updates and map packs .....

Installed the textures for online playing

And loaded up hijack as it usually crashes on that one it played once then people chose to play the same map it crashed the next time

What can I do to fix this as its becoming that its not fun to play any more due to it crashing

Oh and wired not wifi........ and its fiber cable 120mb speed connection

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