Blops2 Freezing on xbox? 12-5-12

Black Ops II Technical Support

Today, I played multiplayer and the game froze just as the game starts (hitting 0) never getting to the loading screen of the map. This has happen twice now and also my sister is having the same problem and she has her own xbox so it can't be my xbox the problem. I was wondering if Im not the only one who is having this occurrence? I don't know if this can cause the problem but maybe it does, I recently changed my router to another older one I had saved up because my other router has some disconnecting issues that I just got tired of it and I switched it to the old one until I buy a new one.  If it is just an issue of the game then I appreciate it if you tell me that. Thank you for anyone that helps.

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im on ps3 and having same exact issue now. didn't at first, but it spiratically will freeze and forces a reboot.. happened bout 20 times now, my ps3 is unresponsive to games

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