Buried Time bomb glitch; I got trapped in time.

Black Ops II Technical Support

well i "might" be able to answer that! depends how far or at the point you chucked down the time bomb to when it was used it would of took you back to before you paped any guns doesnt sound like a bug to me or who ever did and it rewinds it to say before the middle or end of the round. that might be the problem? .... you may not of had the gun at the time when you went back? i could be wrong or it is a bug a glitch :/ :@

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Hey man,

we had a nasty time bomb glitch in buried too..... the screen didnt continue to sway like other glitches ive heard but we were on round 12, used the time bomb to try and get a second perk from the witches and not one zombie showed up for a good 20 minutes. we went back through the witches house a couple of times and searched the map for a bit before ending the game. it was a piss off for sure.

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yea that can happen its a bug in the game its not a glitch

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