Black Ops II Technical Support

65.19$ ******* cents for this product and i cant even play on mother******* line are we being serious dirtbags instead of making BS commericials for the hype up u could have been insuring that servers can be run accordingly this is an absolute insult i continue to get a error msg everytime i try to sign on i was not haviing problems earlier i was alrady level 38 when i went to bed when i wake up 7hrs ago 7F****** HRS it has not let me on i went on a new account it worked but when im doing AMAZING level 21 in 1h49m it wouldnt allow me to start up online again and still hasnt some1 is going to get a good curse out phone call

at ur company

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DO it call them and give them some ear fu*k**g... But record it and post on youtube haha..!

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