Can't Connect To Online Services

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Can't Connect To Online Services


The Call of Duty: Black Ops II server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit

black ops2/status for updates"

I  signed in ok at first then during the game (Town - Survival) i got "connection lost" or whatever is says with the picture of the wire and socket on screen. And now for the last 30 minutes im getting the NOTICE and can't even connect.

My broadband is all good, ethernet connected.

I reset my router and reset my ps3 and i still cant connect.

Server Status says DefCon5 all the time. If the world ended i bet a tenner it'll still be def con 5.

Connection has been really bad lately. Sort it out please cus it would be nice if i could actually play the game. Its not like you're skint is it? Employ a wizard to sort it out. Simples

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Re: Can't Connect To Online Services

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Just because Wizards have the power of magic doesn't mean they have the appropriate tech support skills.

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Re: Can't Connect To Online Services

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I am having the same issue. on my pc it finds matches my internet is working fine, on ps3 nat is open under sys. bandwith is 424kbps. only way to join any matches is to join friends. keep saying waiting for host on hctdand any matches. check router rebooted ps3 like 5times.

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Re: Can't Connect To Online Services

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Hi Kamatose,

You can always check online services status here Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Status

If online services are fully operational and you are still unable to connect, you may want to try the following.

  1. Reboot your router.
  2. Try using a wired connection in order to sustain the connection quality.
  3. Establish a static IP address and port forward. 

Here are the port numbers you will need:

Xbox:  Activision Support

PS: Activision Support

PC:  Activision Support

Should you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer.

Regards ^AH

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