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Hello there everyone.  I'm here to tell "Activision" that I cannot connect to the servers on multiplayer or the servers.  I was able to connect after launch day, the next day; didn't work.  I was very angry about this.  I had tried calling activision and they shut down their phone services, maybe due to massive calling. I opened ports and still did not work. 

I really need this to be fixed.  I purchased a 60$ game that doesn't work for multiplayer.  It's like giving my money away for free. 

If anyone has this issue, please comment what issues are occuring to you. 

I've been missing out with my friends, they always invite me, but what do I do?  Nothing because I can't connect online!!!  I checked my router it's alright.

If you're making us do all these things, you're wrong because you guys created this game so we can play, not to follow someone's instructions. 

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, message me on youtube. 

The name is Lazy6uy.

Thanks you and fix it!!!

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I have the exact same issue in its getting on my nerves!that Treyarch and Activision arent fixing this by now!!!

each time i go into MP/ZM and try to connect  i keep getting an error message  saying
"The Call of Duty:Black Ops II server is not available at this time. Please try again later"

It very fraustuating that they keep telling us that its our router to open up the ports for it and all this bs!

When its none of that because i played on launch day and the 2nd day and now i keep getting this shit error!

I have already done all of the above ! i have checked my router for the thousand time and its fine!

i can play all other games except this Peice of shit!

Plz Fix IT!!!!!!

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Which console?

If PS3, then please post here:

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I've already tried this.  Though, if you must know; here you go. 

Ps3 type- Slim Not the new version of 2012

No modifications done to my console.

I get Server unavailable at Zombies and Multiplayer menus

I'm in the US + the blu-ray code I do not know...

That's all. 

I'm very irritated that I couldn't play, yet I still can't.

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It is ridiculous it worked for 1 hour on Wednesday now it has stopped. Every time I try to get online on Zombies or multiplayer it says the servers are unavailable and to check the status of them.

I check the status and the servers are fine.

I have missed out on double xp weekend, which is why I pre-ordered. Treyarch haven't done anything to fix it.

This is definitely the worst Call of Duty release ever.

I would like a code for double xp. I have missed out on playing with my friends.


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Me the same. From Tuesday that I can't play. My nat is open but always the same server error. My ports are opened. All of my firends are playing less me. Give us any solutions  activition please we wanna play. No multilayer neither zombies.

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the same shit is happing to me i cant take this anymore, missing out of double xp weekend, and watching all my friends inviting me is so stressfull.

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yep trying to get on right now, guys in the top right on multi screen whats your number is it 20.0.-1? they really need to fix this after £40!!

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So I guess everyone is just screwed because there doesn't seem to be much of a response or answer from Activision, maybe they got their money and don't care that much about some grumbling from people, I don't know but this really sucks.

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Just started happening to me last night.  today can't connect at all but my son's ps3 is connecting. We are obviously using the same modem so it's not my network.  After looking online at all these posts I would expect Treyarch or Activision to respond! (some date back a month or more). So, hello...customer support!? Are you at least going to respond?  Blizzard does a better job than this.

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