Cant join games in bo2

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Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a problem in BO2 Multiplayer and Zombies it just cant seem to get into any lobbys, even though my nat type is open. But I can join my friends and when i do i have a fine connection usually 3/4 bar. I have tried changing my searching from any, normal and best but nothing seems to work. I have this problem on xbox on my ps3 its fine.

Someone please help!

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Same problem with me.

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Sadly nobody is going to help you. Lots of us having this problem but they refuse to acknowledge it. They'll come in here, ask you for the stats of your connection, tell you to open  the ports on your router, link you to a guide on how you can improve your connection and keep their head buried in the sand.

They have our money, they don't want to help us.

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Hello Musicawsum, thanks for contacting us today. Sorry to hear about the connectivity problems! Are you using a wireless connection? Can you try power cycling your router/modem? How long have you seen this issue?


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