Core TDM and FFA Leaderboard entries all gone

Black Ops II Technical Support

Hi support,

I had over 10,000 kills in Core team deathmatch (close to 400points per minute, 2 K/D) and several thousand on Free for all and they disappeared the other day. What's up with that? Kind of disappointing. Do I really have to start again?

On the plus side, I still have all my unlocks and camos. Though that doesn't excuse the ridiculous reset. If I want to reset I'll do it myself, and have done so in the past once when I reached prestige master.


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I had the same thing happen to me.

If your rank and stats have become corrupted, the Call of Duty servers will restore them using the most recently stored backup. This means that your rank and stats may not be exactly where they were before the reset occurred.

If you are experiencing issues with Zombies Leaderboards, rankings, or stats, please visit the Zombies Leaderboard FAQ.

Why ranks and stats get reset

The known reasons for why this could happen include:

  • Bans – If you have violated the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy, you may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from the game, which can include having your rank and stats reset. When this happens, your game data will not be restored.
  • Data corruption – There are a variety of reasons for data corruption. If you feel your rank and stats were reset as a result of data corruption, please follow the instructions below.

If you have had your rank and stats unexpectedly reset in Black Ops II and need additional help, you will get the quickest response by reaching out to us at ActivisionAssist on Facebook, or @ATVIAssist on Twitter.



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