De-Ranked on Zombies Xbox 360 - error message

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I played some very long and good games over the last week, and got my shotgun emblem on Saturday.

The next time I turn on my console I got a message to say there was an error and my rank had been restored to level 3 with a plain skull.

The fact there was an error is fine, but can it be fixed?   Also this has changed my matchmaking horribly and get stuck with people with 1 or two bones now consistantly who have never even got past like round 10. Before I was at least matching with people that had the knife emblem.

Hope this can be fixed and that the matchmaking gets sorted..   As I have probably put over 400 hours into BO2 Zombies, purchased every DLC, joines elite and this is what I get.

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Hey there adamtune,

Unfortunately we're unable to restore or reset any zombie stats.

For more information please see our Zombies FAQ

Should you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you,


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what about match making problem?  

I am always getting into lobbys with people with 1 or 2 bones and find it highly insulting and feel like I am having to train people all the time.  

I would guess that 1 in every 100  games  I find somebody who is better who has knife or shotguns who helps me. 

I just think its alot of take not fair on the return.

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